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Just realized I sort of left things up in the air after posting about getting the keel on. It’s all done, and Clementine is now hanging safely in the garage and ready to go out on the water as soon as things warm up in the new year.


As you can see, Clementine is now blue rather than orange, although this sort of spoils the joke. The canoe left the Old Town factory painted “Princeton Orange.” When I put her back into working order, I made the hull orange again, but the original 1937 canvas was showing its age, leading to a rather dimpled appearance (canoe cellulite, if you will) which suggested the name. This time ’round, after some family discussion, we decided to go with a deep, rich blue (Kirby’s #33 Dark Blue), but the name remains.

Looking forward to a new year and some boating and, of course, more boat projects–my new year’s resolution is to finally get to work on the Ontario Canoe Company decked canoe I’ve been waiting to do since 2013: https://authenticboats.com/2013/10/13/not-another-boat/.

Talk to you all soon.

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